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Helifix remedial products are extremely versatile and have wide ranging applications. This means that individually or in combination they are able to provide rapid, reliable and cost-effective solutions to virtually all commonly occurring structural faults. Furthermore they do so in a sympathetic and non-disruptive manner that leaves the structure visually unaltered but fully stabilised.

1. Bridge Repairs and Strengthening
2. Reconnecting Separated Walls
3. Crack Stitching
4. Tying Walls to Joists
5. Repairing Masonry Arches
6. Securing Parapet Walls
7. Adding Strength & Ductility
8. Creating Masonry Beams
9. Tying Veneers to New Structural Walls
10. Seismic Upgrades
11. Retrofitting Wall Ties
12. Repair of bay windows
13. Repairing brick arch lintels
14. Reconnecting internal walls with external walls
15. Repairing or creating flat arch lintels
16. Creating movement joints

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